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Who we are

 Our founding members are a group of biologists, anthropologists, geographers and conservationists, with in-depth knowledge and experience of working on issues of coexistence in a particular region, with an understanding of the politics and complex social dynamics that are vital for effective conservation. Together they represent varying geographies across India, working with local communities coexisting with a wide range of species - elephants, leopards, tigers, gaur, snow leopards and others.

The consortium is administered by a working group consisting of Aritra Kshettry, Amrita Neelakantan,  Marianne Manuel, Nitin Sekar, Sahil Nijhawan, Samira Agnihotri, Madhuri Ramesh, and Tarsh Thekaekara.

We welcome new members, whose areas of interest/work align with that of the group.

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