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Nayana Udayshankar

Dakshin Foundation


I have been working in the field of environmental justice and environmental governance for the last few years. As a lawyer, my interest has been to bridge the gap that exists in the written text of the law and the society. I am currently working with Dakshin Foundation as a Senior Programme Officer for the Communities and Resource Governance Programme, I have previously worked with organisations such as Natural Justice- Lawyers for Communities and the Environment and Equitable Tourism Options (EQUATIONS). The focus of my work has been to use an interdisciplinary approach to undertake research and knowledge building, support local self governments, create and grow networks and undertake policy advocacy across landscapes spanning the coasts, protected areas and hills and mountains. 

Drawing from my long involvement in music and movement, I strive to make connections between different systems of knowledge, like art and law, and bring these lessons into my everyday work.

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