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Sagarika Phalke.jpg

Sagarika Phalke

MSc, University of Stirling

PhD (underway), University of Hong Kong

I am currently pursuing my PhD studies at the University of Hong Kong focussing on human-elephant interactions. I have an MSc in the Psychology of human-animal interactions from the University of Stirling, UK. My current research focus lies in understanding and improving conditions for wild and captive elephants which can experience differing levels of welfare due to their interactions with humans. Therefore, by working with humans that have an impact on elephants, I hope to create an inclusive and practical approach to captive-elephant well-being and wildlife conservation which is grounded in science. My long-term goal is to look at improving welfare conditions across the different captive elephant management systems in Asia, through work with mahouts and the administration; and also work with local communities who interact with wild elephants.

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