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Sahil Nijhawan.jpeg

Sahil Nijhawan

PhD, University College London

Affiliations: Zoological Society of London (ZSL), Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF), University College London (UCL)


I am an interdisciplinary conservation anthropologist. I have worked on a range of conservation-related issues across  Latin America, Southern Africa and India. My work integrates ecological methods with traditional ethnographic approaches and an emic lens to understand wild animals, people, and the relations between the two. For the past decade, I have lived and worked with and alongside the Idu Mishmi people of Arunachal Pradesh - a journey that began with my doctoral research, which studied socio-cultural, ecological and political relations between the Idu and tigers. I am currently a part of local teams in Dibang Valley and Nagaland working on a range of locally-led initiatives towards ethical, rights-based, bio-cultural research and conservation. I also run a doctoral program that combines interdisciplinary, inter-epistemological, and Indigenous approaches to understand changing human-nonhuman relations in Arunachal Pradesh.

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