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Prof. Anindya 'Rana' Sinha


Anindya Sinha, In Lockdown, Bangalore, A K Aanontyo, May 2020.jpg

I am primarily based at the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Bangalore, India but hold adjunct faculty positions at ten other research and teaching institutions in India and the UK. Although my earlier research has been in the fields of classical genetics, biochemical genetics and molecular biology, my primary research interests, over the last three decades, have been in animal behavioural ecology, cognitive ethology, evolutionary biology, population- and behavioural genetics and the applied philosophy of biology and conservation studies. My current research in natural philosophies, other-than-human studies, art heritage and performance studies principally involves etho-ethnographic explorations of nonhuman synanthropisation, human–nonhuman coexistence and the lived experiences of non/humans, promising unique insights into more-than-human lifeworlds – of the past, today and in the future.

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