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Kulbhushan Singh Suryavanshi, Ph.D

Snow Leopard Trust-India Program,



I am the India program director of the Snow Leopard Trust and a Scientist with the Nature Conservation Foundation. My primary interest is wildlife conservation through robust applied scientific research informing management and policy. I am involved in multiple conservation projects that work directly with local communities in helping the coexistence between people and wildlife. I am also involved in research projects that aim to better our understanding of high-altitude alpine ecology and the interactions between ecology and society. My formal training includes a Ph.D. in wildlife biology and conservation where my research focused on identifying the causes of livestock predation by snow leopards and finding ways to minimize it through the management of wild herbivores and livestock populations. I also examined the perceptions and attitudes of local herders to find ways of minimizing the persecution of the snow leopard. I used population ecology to develop an understanding of the interactions between large carnivores, their wild ungulate prey, and livestock.

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