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The Consortium is institutionally supported by The Real Elephant Collective, a socio-environmental enterprise involved with making 300+ life sized Elephants out of Lantana (an invasive weed). Elephant Family is organising high-profile public exhibitions around the world titled CoExistence, that raise funds to support human-wildlife coexistence.

For general queries, please email us at

To Join Us

  • New members may be added to the consortium by referral and have to be approved by members of the core working group to ensure suitability.


  • New members will be encouraged to self-assess if their past work and values align with that of the consortium, and whether they have time to be involved with various areas of work such as fellowship programs, outreach, or any other activity where the particular member's expertise is useful or called upon.


  • A Google form will need to be filled out by all potential members, and their responses reviewed by the core working group.


  • New members should have at least five years of work experience in coexistence-based conservation (doctoral research also counts as experience), with a deep understanding of the social and ecological complexity of at least one region.

  • An application to join the consortium can be made at any time, however, approval of new members will take place annually, and the next review of applications will be done in November 2024.


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