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Meera Anna Oommen

PhD, University of Technology, Sydney

Meera Anna Oommen.jpeg

I hold a doctoral degree in life sciences from the University of Technology, Sydney. At Dakshin Foundation, I contribute to institutional growth by coordinating research activities, and institutional development of the Andaman Nicobar Environment Team (ANET). My current academic work focuses on incorporating insights from multiple disciplines to understand conflicts in natural resource governance and conservation. This includes the dynamics of human-wildlife conflict in forest fringe landscapes of the southern Western Ghats as well as similar situations in islands and marine systems. My expertise lies in applying heuristics, satisficing approaches and elements of bounded rationality to understand complex, uncertain systems involving multiple interacting components. My current work also focuses on research at the interface of environmental history, anthropology and ecology, and their interactions in the context of traditional practices and species such as elephants and wild pigs.

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