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Taju and Vivek aim to foster coexistence by understanding and documenting the folklore of the Adi Bokar community in Arunachal Pradesh. Drawing from this cultural revival, they plan to develop and monitor a community-based, responsible tourism initiative. They will also be assessing changes in anthropogenic pressures in the forests of the region, evaluating human-wildlife interactions, and exploring alternative livelihood sources for the communities. 

Vivek, hails from Tinsukia, Assam. His academic journey reflects his passion for poetry and music, leading him to pursue a bachelor's in literature. Driven by his want to connect with nature, Vivek subsequently came into conservation and community work. His previous work as a Greenhub fellow was centered around responsible tourism and the documentation of community folklore. Vivek is passionate about bridging generational gaps and understanding the forest.

Taju Pujen is from Labukore in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Working with a local conservationist, he got interested in nature and wildlife. He eventually joined the Greenhub Fellowship focused on responsible tourism to understand alternatives to support the ecosystem. Taju is passionate about preserving the rich culture, folk tales, and folk songs of his tribe. 

Vivek Kumar Singh & Taju Pujen

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