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Devaki B Nair & Manikandan R


Manikandan and Devaki will be documenting and disseminating the biocultural diversity and knowledge of the Paniya tribes of Wayanad and Gudalur. With their project, they are going to study the drivers behind changing perspectives towards nature, especially among Paniya youth. 


Devaki is a passionate conservation enthusiast hailing from Kerala. She has a master's degree in environmental science from TERI. She found her entry point into the world of wildlife conservation during her thesis project, where she focussed on the dynamics of human-elephant interactions in Gudalur.  Her motivation for exploring intergenerational knowledge transfer stems from her personal experience of finding belonging through shared culture and language. She firmly believes that preserving cultures is crucial for maintaining a connection to one's roots and navigating the complexities of an

ever-changing world. 


Manikandan was born, raised in Gudalur, Nilgiris. He is a member of the Paniya community. Manikandan has a passion for maps and mapping and possesses considerable expertise in this field. Additionally, he is passionate about identifying and documenting elephants.

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