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 Astha Chaudhary and Dipti Arora

Astha Chaudhary and Dipti Arora are working on documenting the human-sarus crane interactions in the Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh to contribute to developing effective strategies which are locally appropriate and help in understanding sarus as individual characters in the multispecies landscape.

Astha is a researcher who has been working on wildlife conservation through community involvement for seven years. Her main interests are to understand the different perspectives, roles and views on wildlife and nature through local lenses in the area. She also aims to write stories for children's nature education.

Dipti, an interdisciplinary field researcher, has been exploring and working with different socio-ecological movements around India. She aims to collect wisdom stories of human-human, human-non-human interactions from fields and narrate and perform those stories in urban public spaces to create a platform for dialogue, discussion and engagement.

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