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Coy & Curious

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August 2017

The relentless monsoon beats down around the curious house on the hill. The OV herd lingering outside know it's been uninhabited for a few weeks - the human smells are distant. In a moment of uncontrollable curiosity the juvenile tusker crashes through a doorway followed by his two little mates. In their frolicking, they topple cupboards, squash appliances, and chew up mattresses, while a nervous set (herd) of adults breaks all doors and windows in panic of having their young ones trapped. They leave, in their wake, a slush filled wreck, so that when people arrive, what was a scene of elephant play appears at human scale, one of tragedy.

For this naughty house-breaker herd, this is house number 8. They are not known to break inhabited homes or cause any casualties. Shy, but perhaps a little curious, their coexistence strategy involves exploring human habitation while shying away from direct interaction.

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