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Coexistence: The Great Elephant Migration

A month-long celebration across Bengaluru of Human-Wildlife Coexistence -

Saturday, 3rd February to Sunday, 3rd March 2024

100 Lantana Elephant Sculptures across the city!

Mini Coexistence Film Festival, Photo Exhibition, Expert Guided Nature Trails, Street Plays, Games, Story Telling, "Kere habba" on the importance of lakes for urban biodiversity, and more!

50+ expert talks set in the diverse landscapes of India

Discussions amongst all stakeholders as round-tables, panels and media-workshop


Join the great elephant migration all through February 2024 in Namma Bengaluru!


Who do you

coexist with?

Coexistence comes with a set of challenges, and the brunt of those is most often borne by marginalised and indigenous communities. It's time to re-think, modify, unlearn existing notions of conservation to shape new narratives! 

Photograph the non-human species that are found in Bengaluru all through this month! Especially on the nature walks we have curated for you and in the parks with our elephants watching over you.


Weekly prizes for the maximum number of uploads as well as the most interesting coexistence photo!


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The Great Migration made its way through London, Cochin, and will soon travel across the USA. Some found homes in Singapore, Bahrain, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bahamas, among many more. But the herd continues to travel across the world, highlighting the urgent need for human-wildlife coexistence.


There is an urgent need to think of coexistence as a shared earth, on gradient of wild to urban to balance the needs of people and nature along the entire spectrum. This paradigm pushes us towards conservation through connection, where we don’t isolate ourselves from nature but rather see that we are a part of it.

The Lantana elephants are a unique mix of art, heritage, livelihoods - they're made from the invasive weed Lantana camara, by skilled indigenous artists. With this, they play a pivotal role in removing a harmful weed from the forest while also providing livelihood with this, they epitomize coexistence!

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Who Makes The Elephants?

At The Real Elephant Collective (TREC) a 150-strong team of Adivasi makers hail from villages around Mudumalai & MMHills makes these giants with great skill and ingenuity!

In turn, these replica sculputures of actual elephant individuals aid our goal for a paradigm shift to move towards a diverse and pluralistic understanding and practice of coexistence. How? you ask...

By migrating across the world like they are now in Bengaluru to create awareness and on occasion being auctioned as the works of art they are creating funds towards our science and livelihoods for their creators (the Adivasi artisans at TREC)

Bonus conservation points for making them out of the very aggressively invasive Lantana camara,

Organised by a collective of institutions promoting Coexistence

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